Speed & Conditioning

Consultant – Mark Williams

Speed and Conditioning Instructors –

Bill Mpsasiakos
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Jim Lagarde
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This program will make the athlete perform more effectively by improving their overall physical fitness and that is a combination of conditioning, speed, agility, and strength training. It will bring out the best in every athlete by not just making physically stronger but mentally stronger as well!


Importance of In Season Training!!

There are some major benefits to in-season training. There are many studies supporting performance deterioration by not performing conditioning workouts during in-season and those athlete's, and coaches, who utilize in-season training, are more likely to reach their full potential than those who do not.

In season training will allow the athlete to maintain the strength, speed, and explosiveness they developed in the off-season. Maintaining these attributes should allow the athlete to avoid physically breaking down as the season progresses. When an athlete does not maintain these attributes it can lead to a decrease in performance and increased rate of injury.



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Birthday Parties

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